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Online Day Course

To make this more accessible/inclusive, and in order to ensure Covid-security, this course will be held online via interractive video-link.


Modern bat detectors have the facility to record bat calls so that you can examine them on a computer later. Analysis of these 'sonograms' is critical to identifying bats to species level, especially if you are part of an ecological consultancy.

If you are new to this process of sound analysis and need to increase your knowledge then this one-day CPD course is for you.

We will take you through the following topics;

  • Identification of the main species of UK bats;

  • How to analyse a sequence of calls;

  • What parameters to measure;

  • What programs you can use; and

  • The different detectors available.

As a beginners course, you do not need any prior experience with sound analysis; the course is open to all.

Sonogram Image.jpg

Who is this for?

Ecological consultants, Ecologists, Bat Group Members,


Level / Prior Knowledge

No previous experience necessary.


How long is the course?

7 hours (two 3.5 hour morning sessions)


To attend this course you will need access to a laptop, or large tablet, with a fast internet connection, a webcam and microphone. The course will be conducted over the Zoom video-conferencing tool and therefore will be fully interractive.




£95 per person  (10% discount for students and non-professionals)

"...Great course, thank you. Your expertise and enthusiasm shone threw!.."

"...I like the concept of remote training...I would never have attended your course if it was in a classroom as you are hundreds of miles away so this was a great opportunity for me. Thank you..."

"...Very well put together course, well presented over zoom, very informative and very enjoyable. Thank you..."

" delivery it worked really well. Thank you..."

"...very informative, and it really helped me with my sound analysis this season..."

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