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This course is designed for arborists, arboricultural surveyor, woodland practitioners and anybody who is involved with tree or woodland management.

The course covers the following topics;


  • Bat biology and ecology, with particular emphasis on how they use trees to roost in;

  • The law, including the responsibilities of arborists and how to stay within the law;

  • How to identify a potential roost feature (PRF);

  • What to do if you find bats; and

  • Emergency procedures

The course is split into a theory session in the morning and a practical session in the afternoon.


The morning session is supported with handouts and detailed visual aids to assist learning.

During the afternoon session we visit a woodland to carry out a practice survey where we will examine the trees from ground level for any potential roost features (PRF's). We will investigate how to determine if the features are likely to have potential for bats or not

This course is followed on by the Endoscope Use for Arborists Course, which covers topics in more detail and details the scenarios when Arborists can use endoscopes.

Bat Training

Price: £140 per person

Ecological Surveys: Project

"..Brilliant. Has enhanced my confidence in dealing with my woodland management and bats..."

"..Very good course with great knowledge of the subject..."

"..Really informative. Rich was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable..."

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