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Let your students discover the amazing world of British wildlife with Flight Ecology school sessions

boy with elephant hawkmoth caterpillar

We also offer Nature Rambles; an opportunity to be a real nature explorer. This is often best done in the school grounds, as it opens their eyes to the presence of nature so close to home.

We will bring a whole range of fascinating props with us, to allow the children to have an unforgettable
'hands-on' experience, including a USB microscope for truly close-up views.
Our 'Natural Curiosity Quiz' is also a popular part of the session.

As a follow on from this activity, Flight Ecology can then loan your school a trail camera and/or a bat
detector, which will monitor the
wildlife activity in
your school grounds. We can then come back
and help your to identify your findings

Flight Ecology will lead your students in a nature adventure that will teach the key National Curriculum concepts whilst sparking the students enthusiasm for the natural world.

Our bespoke sessions, which run from one hour to full days, are aimed at students between reception and key stage 2, and can be carried out anywhere; in the classroom, the school field, a local nature site, or whilst on a residential field trip.

Activities include:

  • Natural Curiosity Quiz

  • Nature Rambles

  • Pond Dipping

  • Meet the Critters

  • Owl pellet dissection

  • Ecology games

  • Bat walks

Usng a USB Microscope to examine a dragonfly nymph
Ecological Surveys: Project
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