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Flight Ecology Launch Remote Training Courses during Coronavirus Covid-19 Outbreak

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

In the light of the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, training has become a high risk activity. Any unecessary gatherings of people carries a real risk of transmitting the virus. With this in mind, Flight Ecology are now offering remote learning versions of some of our courses.

Using Zoom video conferencing, we will be able to offer the theory side of our courses to anyone in the country (or the WORLD!). All you will need to do is dial in to our training session from wherever you are to learn about the amazing world of Bat Ecology.

We already have a booking from a company wanting a Bats and Trees Awareness Course and we will be following that with a Surveying Trees for Bats course.

These courses will allow people to continue their CPD and training, even if they are self-isolating or during any national shut-down of activities. If Coronavirus does mean that alot of us are restricted to confinement then it will be important to stay busy and keep our minds active. This could be an ideal time to undertake some training and with modern video-conferencing, we now have the tools to make that happen.

The courses will be fully interractive, so you will be able to talk to the trainer and ask any questions you have. Just remember that they can see you too, so please get dressed!

Cheers, Rich

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