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Professional bat surveys for planning in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and the North of England

Pipistrelle bat

Bat surveys are a requirement for many housing developments, especially in rural locations, such as Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire. 

For house extensions, barn conversions, re-roofing work and other significant housing modifications, a bat survey is often necessary prior to planning permission being sought. 

Flight Ecology have over 10 years of bat surveying experience and will establish whether bats are present in your property and present that information in a concise, easy-to-understand report that will be compliant to support your planning application.

The early appointment of an ecologist to carry out bat surveys on a property that is to be developed can prevent future delays on a project.

If bat inspection surveys are commissioned late then subsequent follow-up bat surveys and potential bat license applications can delay start dates of a building project.

Based in Cumbria, Flight Ecology carry out a range of bat surveys all over the country. Surveys can range from bat transect surveys, to bat roost surveys, also termed emergence/re-entry surveys.

We will use a range of technology, including state of the art bat detectors and infrared night-vision cameras to determine if your property has a bat roost within it.

We regularly undertake bat surveys in Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire but have also dealt with clients from all over the UK.

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