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Prior to a development, an area of land often requires a Phase 1 Survey; this is a baseline survey to establish the potential for protected species to be present.


As a pre-requisite for many planning applications, a phase 1 ecological survey is often required. 

These surveys are often the first type of survey to be carried out, prior to any specific protected species surveys being undertaken.

The objective is to map the habitats on site, making note of each habitats' characteristics and providing target notes of any notable features.


The phase 1 target notes often provide the evidence to establish whether further survey work will be required for further protected species, such as great crested newts, bats, birds or reptiles.

The early appointment of an ecologist to carry out a phase 1 survey on potential development land can prevent future delays on a project.

Early appointment allows for the time needed to carry out any subsequent surveys that arise as a result of the phase 1 survey results.

If phase 1 surveys are commissioned late then making time for subsequent follow-up surveys, like bat surveys, bird surveys, reptile surveys or newt surveys, which are highly seasonal, can lead to delays to project start dates.

This can be avoided via forward planning and liaison with your ecologist at an early stage.


Based in Cumbria, Flight Ecology do not just carry out phase 1 surveys in Cumbria, Lancashire and the north-west, but operate over the entire country.


At Flight Ecology we have 15 years of phase 1 and Preliminary Ecological Appraisal experience, and will provide swift and pragmatic advice for your development site, as well as a clear and easy to understand report and phase 1 habitat plan.

We regularly undertake phase 1 surveys in Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire but have also dealt with clients from throughout the UK.

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