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Natterer's Bats in Sycamore stem
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This two-day course is aimed at ecologists who are looking to increase their knowledge of surveying bats by surveying trees for potential tree roosts.

Bat roosts in trees are very different from building roosts, and can be much harder to find.

During this course you will learn the theory of tree roosting bats as well as visiting known sites and seeing real life examples of tree roosts, and importantly, what a roost looks like when bats are absent.

You will also learn how to effectively assess trees as part of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal before surveying them in more detail as a follow up.

Over the course of the two days we will cover the following topics;

  • Tree bat ecology;

  • How to identify potential roost features;

  • Using the Bat Tree Habitat Key;

  • How to identify bat roosts, even when bats are absent; 

  • Using endoscopes;

  • How to plan a survey

Bat surveying in trees

Who is this for?

Ecological consultants, Ecologists, Wildlife Professionals, Rangers, Conservationists, Arborists, those who regularly have contact with trees and possible bat roosts in trees

Level / Prior Knowledge

Intermediate: some knowledge of bats and their ecology will be assumed. Attendees should have some experience of surveying bats in the UK. A valid bat license is not a pre-requisite. However, without a survey licence individuals will not be able to use endoscopes on their own after the course. 

Refreshments and Accommodation

Meals will not be included. However, refreshments and snacks will be provided throughout the course.
Accomodation is not provided but a list of suitable accomodation will be provided on booking



£275 per person  (10% discount for students and non-professionals)

Ecological Surveys: Project
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