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This course follows on from the Bats and Trees Awareness course and is designed for arborists, and arboricultural surveyors who routinely inspect trees and may need to determine the potential for roosting bats as part of an inspection.


The course covers the following topics;

  • Bat biology and ecology, this is covered in more detail that on the Bats and Trees Awareness course;

  • The law, including the legislation that protects bats and their disturbance;

  • How to identify potential evidence of bats;

  • The responsible use of endoscopes;

  • The Method Statement which covers non-licensed arborists for using endoscopes;

  • British Standard 8596 - Surveying for bats in trees and woodland; and 

  • What to do if you find bats.

The course is split into a theory session in the morning and a practical session in the afternoon.


The morning session is supported with handouts and detailed visual aids to assist learning.

During the afternoon session we visit a woodland to carry out a practice survey where we will examine potential roost features (PRF's) using torches and endoscopes. 

This course follows on from the Bats and Trees Awareness course. Those attending the Endoscope Use for Arborists course should have attended the Bats and Trees Awareness course or similar.

Bat Training

Price: £150 per person

Ecological Surveys: Project
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